DVLS Launches idv Interactive Map!

On Wednesday, February 20, 2008 DVLS launched their new Interactive Map that allows consumers to view their web video Community Tours to explore cities, communities, schools and businesses from real estate websites. This map is FREE to all subscribers of the idv Community Tours and is customized to reflect the realtor’s target market.



“Our goal was to provide an easy way for agents or agencies to increase the amount of community-based textual, digital photography and web video content on their websites without the cost of development,” explains Mr. Greg Parrish, CEO of DVLS. “We wanted to combine demographic reports, school rankings, printable brochures, local business listings, and city and community research all on one easy-to-use product that would also generate leads back to the real estate agent.”


With the assistance of web videos, scalable sizing to fit any website design, and lead-generation capabilities, the idv Interactive Map offers benefits to agencies and consumers alike.


Current inventory: Greater Savannah, Treasured Coast


For more information please contact DVLS!


For demonstrations of our real estate websites and video production solutions, please go to www.idvdemos.com!

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