Tip #1: Order web video Community Tours for HHI MLS listings!

As a subscriber to the DVLS library of Community Tours, City Tours and Regional Tours, you are already leveraging the power of web video to draw visitors to your real estate website! This newsletter is the continuation of a series that answers the question, “How can I maximize the value of my subscription?”


Tip #1: Order Community Tours for HHI MLS listings!


Your subscription includes (5) free Community Tour orders per month on your Hilton Head Island MLS listings! Our tours appear as links on the photo gallery page from any website that supports MLS Searches for the Hilton Head Island area!


Just check the Community Tour box when you create your MLS listing! To add Community Tours for your existing listings, just email billing@dvls.tv with a list of your MLS numbers, and we’ll do the rest!


Current inventory: Greater Savannah, Treasured Coast


For more information please contact DVLS!


For demonstrations of our real estate websites and video production solutions, please go to www.idvdemos.com!

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