Gerry Prud’homme of Prud’homme and Associates
Members of the award winning Carolina Realty Group

Q: How have the idv Tours benefited your real estate marketing strategy?

A: idv Home Tours – The DVLS streaming video has helped us to obtain listings by allowing us to demonstrate the benefits to sellers. The Video presentation is the next best thing to seeing a viewing a property in person and it has helped us to get buyers to make a trip to HHI or in some cases, make an offer subject to a personal inspection.
A: idv Community Tours – The community videos are a great introduction to the area for buyer prospects coming for the first time of prospects that are not familiar with certain locations.

Q: Tell us what you feel is the value associated with the map and community videos as far as return on investment?

A: We look at DVLS videos as an investment in our business. More than 80% of buyer prospects begin their search for property on the Internet. Once we get a buyer prospect to our web site, the video is one of the most important tools we have to provide a quality presentation of a property.

Q: How have your clients reacted to the idv Community Tours?

A: Our Seller clients are very impressed with the quality of the product and can easily recognize the benefits.

Q: Please summarize your experience with DVLS.

A: DVLS is one of the few places where our advertising dollars truly provide a benefit.