Felice LaMarca of Lancaster Resort Sales.

Q: How have the idv Community Tours benefited your real estate marketing strategy?

A: I send all my clients and customers to my personal website to answer their questions. There are so many choices for them that the exhaustive process of finding the right community begins with my telling them to take the community tours. That coupled with our written text, helps them focus and get a bit excited, too. DVLS community tours helps my website look up to date and offers the latest information available.

Q: Tell us what you feel is the value associated with the map and community videos as far as return on investment?

A: Hard to give you a true figure. Can’t even estimate. We are in a down selling market at this time, therefore the time of sale is much longer than ever before. I have directed at least a dozen people to the tours and we are quite a ways, away from closing. I do track the source of my customers and the current website customers are not ready to buy. That is why the tours are so important.

Q: How have your clients reacted to the idv Community Tours?

A: Positively. They still want to see the communities in person, but I believe that they help the serious buyer to get started and/or focus.

Q: Please summarize your experience with DVLS.

A: I have found DVLS to be easy to work with. Products are easily accessible and when something doesn’t work that is critical to my ability to communicate intelligently with my client, DVLS has responded to tech problems quickly and worked well with my website company to keep things running at an optimum level.