Our promotional Spotlight Tours effectively leverage the power of video to verbally communicate your experience and real estate expertise while nonverbally communicating the soft skills that often give clients the gut-level feeling of comfort. Deliver a pitch for your services then promote your services on your blog, YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and other social networking and viral video websites.
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  • Basic
  • $300 Standard
  • $250 Subscriber
Recommended for a quick and personal introduction to your prospects.
Includes one-year hosting, advertising slate, promotion on idv Interactive Map, master DVD
  • 30 seconds
    approx. runtime

  • Standard
  • $600 Standard
  • $500 Subscriber
Recommended for expanded coverage including testimonials or presentations.
Upgrade our Basic package to include script consultation, one video edit, logo graphics.
  • 1 minute
    approx. runtime

  • Premier
  • $1200 Standard
  • $1000 Subscriber
Recommended for expanded
community coverage.

Upgrade our Standard package to include community footage, script creation, voice-over talent
  • 1½ minutes
    approx. runtime

Custom Video Profiles Available
For real estate professionals that require special attention

DVLS produces custom Spotlight Tours for real estate professionals that require high-end production values including special lighting and camera equipment, multiple locations or extensive interviews. Please contact us for details!