Internet Marketing with Web Video

Video is an effective medium for conveying your message, personality and approachability to prospects who don’t know you. Video provides an extra dimension of information that helps a stranger intuit whether they’d be comfortable working with you before they pick up the phone to call. And the prevalence of YouTube illustrates a popular preference for the visual cues that reading a bio on a webpage can’t provide.


As video has become more affordable, more agents are creating promotional video Spotlight Tours that verbally communicate advice or experience while nonverbally communicating the soft skills that often give clients the gut-level feeling of comfort. Click to watch the Dunes Marketing Group Spotlight Tour!


TIP: While promotional videos are commonly implemented as embedded web videos (see below) within the home page of realtor websites, maximize your video’s exposure by including a video link on email signatures, so that every email that goes out provides a teaser video that advertises your services!


Jennifer Jones
video profile: Hilton Head Island Real Estate


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