South Carolina’s Treasured Coast


South Carolina’s Beaufort County is known as The Treasured Coast due to its rich history, arts, culture and of course its natural scenic beauty, all of which continue to draw vacationers and new residents alike. Its history and culture have been shaped by generations of European, African and Caribbean immigrants, and visitors will find beautifully preserved historic sites, plantation homes and museums that honor its rich past.


Beaufort County is the fastest growing county in South Carolina, and while agriculture was once its dominant industry, leisure has long since replaced it as tourism continues to fuel the local economy. With 64 major islands and scores of smaller ones, Beaufort County claims its own archipelago as part of the splendid natural beauty that includes brillant green marshes, white sandy beaches and beautiful live oak forests.


The Treasured Coast is made up of Beaufort, which is the county seat; Hilton Head Island, which remains the area’s primary resort community; and the town of Bluffton, which is located between the two cities.