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Internet Marketing with Web Video


Video is an effective medium for conveying your message, personality and approachability to prospects who don’t know you. Video provides an extra dimension of information that helps a stranger intuit whether they’d be comfortable working with you before they pick up the phone to call. And the prevalence of YouTube illustrates a popular… Read More

DVLS Tips for a Successful Real Estate Website


Template websites make real estate websites affordable in today’s tough economy, but many agents are surprised when they invest in a domain name and website but the leads they expect never roll in! Before you sign up for any website, consider the following factors: Read More

Tip #3: Add Community Tours to your featured listings!


As a subscriber to the DVLS library of Community Tours, City Tours and Regional Tours, you are already leveraging the power of web video to draw visitors to your real estate website! This newsletter is the continuation of a series that answers the question, “How can I maximize the value of my subscription?” Read More

DVLS announces new web video City Tours for SC!


On Friday, April 18, 2008 DVLS launched their new City Tour and Regional Tour video product lines for South Carolina’s Treasured Coast to complement their existing library of Community Tours! All of our videos can pop open a new window or be implemented as embedded web videos directly in webpages (see below) for seamless… Read More

DVLS produces web video Savannah, GA City Tour!


DVLS has produced a Savannah City Tour to complement their existing library of Community Tours! All videos can pop open in a new window or be embedded directly in webpages (see below) for seamless integration! City Tours feature… Read More